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  Piovt Art: Battle Of Gods by crocodile-wolf-9000   Owen The KaijuHog STK by crocodile-wolf-9000 
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20 points for full detailed pivot art  TEAM BLCK Special- Night Of The Nightmares by crocodile-wolf-9000  Godzilla Chronicles Chapter 4 by crocodile-wolf-9000 
30 points for pin up Lulu Pin-up by crocodile-wolf-9000 



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even though i wont reach this far but hey it's always good to try right? i hope i reach my goal! besides if i get 400 points i'll be able to get CORE

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reposted from TheOnePhun211 
Important notice. Do not contact this person BUT...if you feel it is right, I suggest reporting this to a very high up Police System. You will understand why once you read this and the other journal linked below.


Good morning, afternoon, or evening to you my reader. You know me as Mick, Phun, Heck even Tube-sock for no reason at all starting now I guess. 


Lets start this journal properly and with explanation. There is a rather infamous dA user by the name of Frank Limon.

(This is most likely not his real name...possibly. I'll explain why.) the past and even present on this website, there have been a few people who have used this site for things other than just uploading art.

Examples can be: Fame (Good and bad), Spreading Beliefs, Dating, and somewhat disturbing actions, that of which you can imagine.

However. The person in question today has used this website for very disturbing and disrespectful behavior. 

Here is a list of the most notable things he has done.

  • Mass Ban Evasion
  • Stalking of younger artists
  • Harassment (Even when told to stop several Several times.)
  • Creating Dozens upon Dozens of accounts to further harass other users on the site
  • Bringing up peoples hurtful pasts to prove he "Loves them more than someone previous ever did"
  • Forces himself upon quite young girls to the point where they have left dA out of fear of their safety

A list of previous account names made by Frank. (Warning. The list still grows even to this day.)

BeTARaIN BeTARaINPlus BourreauForte12 CeeGrove23 Coupe1991 FrankLimon88 MaggotPain Noahaljann310 SalvatoreBaiser317 TheBarricade379 

TheLimon wiralph xxutopiahemelxx @negentienpicture ProGhan TetanusRiot TheSuperFrank225 GoodFrank g00dl4d  FistKing49  BanjoKazooieClock 

WarioGambler557 Polygon31 RainbowFrank6000 superfrank225 Frank225 Frantic1999 JohnytheMan

This isn't the complete list mind you. So please forgive me not mentioning any new accounts made by him.

Sadly I cannot pinpoint whenever he uses a new account due to how many times he gets banned, changes accounts, and makes new ones. I would appreciate it if you would leave such new findings in the comments.


Rant on Frank: Spread this like CRAZY.Another account of his: GiGaNoCcIsOr01
Just report and move on.

Another one of Frank's accounts. Hes using this to go after us now.
Note. Frank's IP address has been sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and it is being hopefully looked into as we speak. -Mick
//From Mick:
Please do not go after 


Frank lured us to him by using a similar name. Please forgive the misunderstanding. Thank you for calling for telling us otherwise.

Please do read this journal for screenshots, comments, and complete proof of the actions Frank has committed. 

Note. Frank has been reported to the authorities. But it should be noted that it may take time for the Authorities to become fully aware of his actions. 

Final note: This isnt drama. This is a concerning situation where the Law has had to become a part of it. Please do not accuse me of "Hating" on this person or "Bullying" them. The proof you need is in the journal here and the one linked just above.

Do not contact this user. Just block, report, and move on.


Thank you all and have a wonderful time of day wherever you are, and thank you for showing your concerns.
  • Reading: wiki about dinosaurs
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: pivot
The WereKomodos originally from greece they can be deadly in the wild but if they used it for good that can be a force to mess with. this is the documentary of the were-komodos told by my actor oc kevin the person who plays rick the were-komodo.
kevin: *sitting down and looking at the camera* the werekomodo backstory is uh quite long to explain i made the were-komodo because i wanted a creature to look frightening and scary like they are the apex predators the were-komodos main design was based off of the megalania and raptor since both are deadly. and fast. and powerful. they were orginally created in greece mythogly where beasts with reptile like features appeared and fought gladiators one of these beasts was eward the first ever were-komodo and the only one on the island to be a ghost. and how someone does get turn into a werekomodo is by not biting them but puncering them with their claws as the vemon in a werekomodo's bite is twice as strong as a normal komodo and the vemon could kill a human being faster than the strongest creature alive the sharks. they have tough scaldy skins but there armored bodies do have weakness. they have a soft spot on their underbelly not fully armored if someone was smart enough they'd attack the underbelly first. and their second weakness is acid bullets those are the only bullets in the world that can shot and penterate through a were-komodo's armored body. were-komodos were hard to hunt for and because of the fact that they are so much stronger.
----character design-----
kevin: edward's design was mainly based upon the four armred yaujta from the predator comic, four arms from the ben 10 series because of the hands, komodo from komodo vs cobra because of how edward is tall to compared to rick and sauro ((he is 12'7 compared to rick and sauro making him the biggest were-komodo to ever live)) while rick's design was more though of than drawn. i wanted rick to be interesting to look at not like some four armed winged creature. for the base design i made rick was the megalania because of the teeth and body features, the megaraptor because of the stance, the skyrim werewolf because of the neck fur and other fur ((because of Redspets's take on him)) but as rick ages his design changed. in season 1 his design looked like Daizua123's take on him. then in season 2 he looked like EliteRaptor2015's take on him and in season 3 due to age he looked what you see now.
kevin: the vocals were very hard to come up for edward's it was the hardest since we needed a good roar that fits him we looked up scary roars and came across the hypo-rex and the indominus rex we merged the two sounds together and it was scary as hell. for rick's vocals for the roar it was the Allosaurus, megalania, and crocodile, for the howl it was the hypo-giga and for growls and grunts it was the JP utahraptor, now as for the females it was pretty simple. we looked up female creature roars and came across the gorogonspid, komodo dragon, and spinosaurus roars. we used those vocals on crystal since it fitted her ((your welcome ethan2509 xD)) and as for the chicks (were-komodo cubs) their vocals would be based on the baby t rex chicks from walking with dinosaurs, the baby allosaurus from big al a walking with dinosaurs special, the t rex juvenile from the lost world jurassic park 2. for jacob (son of crystal and rick) it was the sub adult t rex roars from dinosaurs the untold story and the baby allos also from dinosaurs the untold story.
--------character breeds----
kevin: now it is time to talk about the breeds. edward's breed is in the mysterious class and is a alpha species he is the only werekomodo in existence to have four arms. he is feared across greece in ancient times and will be feared again. he plans to become whole again so he can take his place as king of the were-komodos again. now rick's breed is in the winged class yes there are winged were-komodos dont judge. now that is the second strongest species of were-komdos to have. even though some call it a blessing rick calls it a curse. for crystal she was a more american and native american breed ((hence the hair and i accuty dont know what breed of were-komodos she is i just guessed)) and the rarest species of were-komodos is the japanese were-komodos they are very hard to find and they are in-fact not to good at hiding but they make up for it with their speed and strenght. they are stronger than the north american breed of were-komodos the same breed that harrison (( ARC9652 )) and sauro are from ((dont know their breeds either again i just guessed XD)) and for ben's breed .... well it's very mysteroius.... it's a crossbreed of the winged class and the north american class so ben has fur on his neck but not wings like rick does. and ben cant control his were-komodo form really well hence him and rick dueling it out on the first night. rick has made it his job to train ben who has now become his pupil  to control his inner beast whenever it is nighttime or daytime he will sometimes mediate. anywho for the hybrid class it is a mixture of the more aquatic breeds of were-komodos and the land breeds of were-komodos the most known is the female were-komodo named fiona who has a crush on ben ((your welcome Bendorah XD)) and last but not least.... the swamp breeds the most common breed of wild were-komodos found. they are people who stayed in their beasts form but one of them a hybrid between a female were-komodo and a male ravik named bane is someone who controlled his inner beast but cannot change to his human form since he is hiding from someone who has been hunting his human form for years.
hope you all like it! and tell me if i got the breeds of harrison, sauro, and crystal right okay because im not too sure if i got them right
  • Reading: wiki about dinosaurs
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: pivot
because i dont want people mistake him for being evil since Erickzilla and Zimzilla99 already mistook my kaijusona for being evil.
EDIT! hyper already came up with one. my kaijusona's new name is now Scorvirijara
Edit: changed his name again because draco vs scor did not sound catchy. his new name is now Kragogrekanus... does that one sound evil? if it does then im asking ben for help
  • Reading: wiki about dinosaurs
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: pivot
for once i want this journal to get a lot of views.
later on i won't be on like at 3:00 when i usually come on i won't because there is a art show at my school and I'm staying for pre-rec-night so yeah i'll see you all at either 8:30 or 9:00 or 10:00 

  • Reading: wiki about dinosaurs
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: pivot
forgot to make this.

The Main Heroes/Characters
-Ahri Foxtails (( NeonCarla's persona/Kaiju persona ))
-ben/Bendorah ( Bendorah's kaiju persona
-Godzilla Alpha
-Atarojira ( EliteRaptor2015's Kaiju persona )
-Arkosaur ( TeamDinosauria21's Kaiju persona )
-mothra leo ((since it's canon and the fact that i like it that there's a male mothra in the kaiju universe))
-the wise one

The main Villains 
-azazel (from darkjira: beginnings)
-King ghidorah
-Ghost Godzilla
-shin godzilla
-necros (official name of dark.owen since because why not)
this is not yet compete if you have a kaiju oc or persona tell me them and i'll see if i'll add them
  • Reading: wiki about dinosaurs
  • Watching: youtube
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Journal History


crocodile-wolf-9000's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
i like having fun and role-playing
name: owen
likes: Undertale, fnaf, godzilla, VANOSS!
status: used to date NeonCarla ((who i still think of as a GF even though we're not dating anymore ;-; ))
----*kaijusona's bio*---------
darkjira was first an young alpha godzillasaurus a hybrid of legendary's species and godzillasaurus's species then after king ghidorah came and destroyed his family only he and his brother gigasaurus were the only ones left then gigasaurus got captured by aliens while darkjira stayed underwater soon his entire body cracked and his soul shattered, he was found by monarch and tested on when he reawoken as the height of a human he met ahri at first he was scared at her then they began to bond and then he was finally compete he was given the title "the monster of all hybrids" he is open for role plays
---------*EXESona's bio*----------
owen.exe was created after one of the doctors injected a needle into darkjira creating the demon before you but there is another origin of him long ago he was a normal person who had lot of friends but then he was captured and tortured by mad people and the joker injected a needle he called the exe virus thus resulting in the birth of exe.owen he created his own universe where he lives peacefully and he also created his own game his origins are a mixture of the creation of two-face, and sonic.exe in one
im a shy person in real life... hontestly i am i was shy when i first came to my school but at time went by i started to like the school and made an couple of friends but on here well i made an lot more and even have an girlfriend. and plus i get to be myself on here too :) also i get angered easily im trying to control that for my new years
no arguing
no fighting
no rushing
dont spam your replies
dont insult anyone
if you break all those rules you'll get three strikes if you get three strikes then i will have to block you and also don't lie about me and don't spread rumors about me at all i hate it when people think I'm heartless I'm not i have emotions don't get on my bad side i get angered easily so don't make me angry at all O R E L S E
only people on my pure friends list can request but i may add to the list im not sure yet


tomorrow/in the morning i have to walk my cat....and dont ask why he got out of the vet a few few hours ago .... and again dont ask why please 
i wanna make a pivot art based on the stronger than you of either Darkjaminatherium and kurushimi, or Darkjaminatherium and XenoTyrannus (in golden nightmare form)
why do i so many watchers. all i do is make 'stupid crap' because everyone only views my 'austisc jounrals' ;_;


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